Ben Gaspers

Ben Gaspers calls Alexandria, VA, home while he attends college, cares for his growing family, prepares his budding career, and studies the traditional and digital brush. He has spent three years pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation with the Art Institute of Washington. During his time there he has been practicing an array of artistic skills that include traditional and digital techniques.

As his undergraduate degree nears completion, Ben has chosen Conceptual Environments and Backgrounds for his focus. After graduating, he plans to seek employment in the entertainment industry where his imagination can help shape the view of new video games, movies, and web browsing experiences. Aside from conceptual art, Ben also enjoys creating other forms of art ranging from comic styles to life illustrations.

In addition to school and family, Ben hopes to one day be a professor of art, teaching at the collegiate level. While he still has a lot more experience to gain, he will be making another step forward during this year’s conventions around the DMV area. If you would like to take a look at his work, you can find it on Deviant Art or send him a request on Facebook

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