Michele Miliante

Michele Miliante has been an avid crafter ever since she decided that glitter simply was a must have on her 3rd grade science fair project poster board. Since then Michele's aspirations have led to much more in the craft world including, but not limited to her ability to sew, knit and crochet.

Currently Michele is working on two projects very near and dear to her heart. First, Michele is the CoFounder of Comic Cupcakes Bakery, an online bakery that sells cupcakes and cookies with a fun, nerdy and delicious twist. All of Michele's cupcake creations bring superheroes and comics to life in a tasty and imaginative way. The other project is her origami flowers. Call That Art has generously provided Michele with a space where she can market her custom bouquets to brides as centerpieces and one of a kind accessories to walk down the aisle with. Currently Michele is working on a few bridal bouquets and looks forward to many more!

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