Everything is Awesome...con

Eric  Suggs  - 20160605_154630.jpg

We had a great time at Awesome Con this year! 

This year, we had more artists and activities at our booth. More importantly, we generated a lot of interest in our comic book and cartoon classrooms. This year, we had a record number of people sign up for our newsletter. We also received a record number of donations. (Side note: We hope to have an online donation button soon!) 

Some of the favorite moments came from cosplayers and patrons, many of whom were happy to show their support for Art Way Alliance. 

We were happy to see multiple Deadpools work on our oversized coloring page and color themselves. Yes, we had Deadpools coloring Deadpools. It's just as amazing as it sounds. 

We were also excited to meet multiple artists who have expressed their interest and support for AWA. Not only did we have our regular artists and affiliates - Red Stylo Media, Darren Soto, Ashley Gonzales, Jake HeagyTyrone Barnes, and Chris Pyrate were all present - but we also received positive vibes from the likes of Marcus Williams and Greg Burnham of Tuskegee Heirs, Princeless creator Jeremy Whitley, and Marvel Baby variant artist Skottie Young. Skottie Young signed an oversized printing of his Baby Deadpool for us. Even a representative of the Smithsonian's ArtLab+, Evan Keeling, was there, to talk how about the prestigious museum's created zines on the World War II Japanese internment with teens. We sincerely hope to work with them all someday soon! 

Overall, we got to see the geek community in action, and whether it was talking a walk through a small Geppi's Musuem exhibition, testing the speed of cars tiny Lego cars, finding delicious cupcakes from Comic Cupcakes or just getting some comics from Third Eye, we could see that everyone was having a fantastic time. We even got to see John Barrowman pass by! 

Yet again, another year at Awesome con was a success, and we can't wait for next year. Thank you to the staff and everyone who helped us this year! We can't wait for the next!