Video Gamers United - Recap

AWA had a FANTASTIC time at Video Gamers United!

You can't go wrong at a con where a massive Donkey Kong angrily greets you at the entrance. We met great people, saw great costumes, and conquered great video games. Our featured artists received a lot of praise for their work, and we made fantastic connections that we can't wait to tell you about in the future. 

Members of the army pose with Optimus Prime

At no other con could video gamers and programmers seamlessly interact with branches of the military, DC government, universities and the Washington Nationals. Military personnel were just as excited to see Optimus Prime and Tifa as we were. The Air Force brought in a jet - yes, you read that right, a jet - to the show. The marines challenged people to test their physical might with pull-ups. The Washington Nationals brought a baseball video game simulator and cornhole for people to play.

Our artists showed off their skills with color, clay, and flower creations. All were impressed with their unique styles and knowledge. Some artists even gave pointers to interested children who sat down to draw. Children and adults alike played multiple video games on multiple platforms, including, but not limited to: Mario Kart, Soul Calibur, Halo, and Madden. Tournaments were held, for both video and card games, with grand prizes of $1,000.00; $3,000.00; or even $5,000.00. 

A select group of people who donated to Children's Hospital were able to play video games with said celebrities such as Dante Basco and Clinton Portis. But celebrities didn't stay secluded.

Dante Basco, otherwise known as Prince Zuko from Avatar and Rufio from Hook, took the time to come visit with the AWA's con team. He was incredibly down to earth, and we thank him for taking the time to talk to us. 

Best. Selfie. Ever. 

 Were you at VGU? If so, what was your favorite part?