Our Summer Classes are Hot!

FYI - Even after two hours, students were still really involved. I asked our page (David) what he though and he felt that Darren was really good. He appreciated how knowledgeable he was regarding comic books in general, loved his "odd" examples, like how he taught in a really simple understandable way, gave really good comic strip examples of what he was talking about, and really simple step-by-step samples of how to turn simple shapes into dramatic figures etc. David thought the fact that Darren, someone in the field was doing the program and not a librarian made it so much more interesting (really like him as a presenter) [and] made them feel connected.

- Philecia Harris, Children's & Youth Adult Librarian at Silver Spring Library

Our classes have been nothing less than phenomenal this summer. With veterans Darren Soto and Keir Lyles and newcomers Tyrone Barnes, AWA has partnered with multiple non-profit and educational groups to use our comic book classes in the context of their own summer camps.

We partnered with Concerned Black Men and Savoy ElementarySilver Spring Library, and Reading Camp Maryland. Whether creating real life superheroes or drawing characters all their own, the children thoroughly enjoyed our classes. And we've had fun as well! Check it out below.

Silver Spring Library - June 10, 2014

Using his patented teaching technique, Darren Soto shows kids how to create unique and dynamic characters. 

Savoy Elementary/Concerned Black Men - July 10, 2014

Focusing on real life heroes such as fire fighters and police officers, Keir Lyles provided students with coloring pages and taught them the fundamentals of drawing.

Reading Camp Maryland - July 14, 2014

After a fun and engaging one-day comic book class, Keir Lyles poses with his students. Tyrone Barnes instructs the same students in a lesson. 

There's still more to come! We have classes planned at Enoch Pratt and Bowie Library in September. Stay tuned!