Recommended Reading

This week, AWA is recommending three books that we think you will enjoy, especially in these summer storms. Most links lead to Amazon, but check out GoodReads and Comixology too! 

Finding Gossamyr by David A. Rodriguez and Sarah Ellerton

A book where math problems are magic spells, Finding Gossamyr is the story of a young boy named Denny who finds his way to the eponymous world with his older sister. There, he must use his ability to solve create math theorems to protect Gossamyr from a bad element called the Scaythe, who want to use his power for evil. The book is for all ages, and quite beautiful in its execution. Sarah Ellerton's art in particular is wonderfully rendered, and the story keeps even the most math-phobic peoples intrigued. 


I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly and JM Ken Niimura

It's been five years since I Kill Giants came out, and the graphic novel is still as poignant as ever. Through Barbara Thorson -  a young girl who has to battle monsters in the form of bullies, fifth grade, and actual giants - Kelly and Niimura tackle themes of loss, acceptance, and belonging. Recommended for middle school students and older, the book helps readers cope with their own difficulties and teaches them that they are not alone. Kelly is also a part of Man of Action, the creative team that created the beloved Ben 10

Read more about the five year anniversary here.

Incognegro by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece

Definitely for high school students and older, Incognegro tells the story of Zane Pinchback, an African American man who can pass for white. Using this information, he infiltrates lynch mobs and reports on them, exposing the inhumane racism that has been allowed to run rampant in the south. When one of his undercover jobs goes wrong, Zane goes back home only to find his brother in trouble. Zane must now uncover family secrets while trying to save his sibling.