After-School Program A Blast

A student hard at work learns
When the bell rang at 3:00 PM signaling the end of the school day, some children deviated from their usual routine. Instead of going home to homework, television, or the computer, they stayed behind to discover and create their own world with just paper and pencil.

AWA recently completed three after-school programs in the DMV area. These programs - hosted at The SEED School and Savoy Elementary of SE Washington, DC; and John Hanson French Immersion of Temple Hills, MD - taught children the fundamentals of creating their own comic books and characters. In groups of ten, children not only learned basic drawing techniques, but also discussed what made their favorite characters unique and appealing.

Darren Soto provides instruction for the
game, "Who Am I?"
Instructors Keir Lyles and Darren Soto brought excited children into the world of art through set curriculum and engaging games. Soto presented the children at Savoy with two creating thinking drawing games called, “Who Am I?” and “3 Word Drawing.” During “Who am I?” a selected student came to the front and drew another person in the class. Other students had to follow along until someone guessed the selected subject. Students subtly realized they learned techniques to translate what they see into art and highlight the physical characteristics that make people unique.

In “3 Word Drawing,” Soto provided three random words that children must incorporate into their drawing in some way, shape, or form. This exercise taught creativity and forces students to think outside the box. It is one of the favorites of the class.

A student shows off his work.
We would like to thank all the amazing students for participating in this year’s after school program. We would also like to thank our partners with the school PTAs, Teachers, Program Directors, and Concerned Black Men. Most importantly, however, we would like the parents for allowing us a few hours after school with your fantastic kids. Your continued support is crucial to the success of our Programs, and we only have more to offer in the future. If you would like your child to discover art in an encouraging and fun environment, sign up for our Summer Camp today! Our first week of classes start June 23, and there is still room!