Annapolis Book Festival

You've probably seen pictures on our Facebook about the event. (If not, go check them out here!) But we just had to tell you about the amazing time we had at the Key School!

Children gather around Phil Cho's while drawing at the Annapolis Book Fair.

AWA was in the Comic Key section of the Book Fair. We had lovely artists selling their beautiful art, talks from Geppi Entertainment Museum and the Museum of Science Fiction, and art demos by Batman enthusiast Phil Cho (pictured above) and Character Design artist Darren Soto. We also had an area for kids to draw on paper or create their own Superhero Mask.

Great mask! 

Throughout the day, we met amazing people who showed their creativity and interest as soon as they walked through the door. We had three year old children who already knew their favorite superhero. There were mothers who walked their children through every character in the Bat Family. Fathers asked us for comic book recommendations - and even provided some of their own.

But the highlight of our day was definitely the Character Design Demo given by Darren Soto. Soto asked children to provide three words, and from there, would create characters based on the given vocabulary. When Soto challenged them to think outside the box with their words, they did not disappoint. "Belligerent" and "bellicose" ended up on the board - and they were provided by third graders!

From there, Soto asked the kids to draw the characters they created on the board. The art that emerged was phenomenal. From Moose C.E.O.s to a Spider-man (who was there!) fish hybrid, the kids did it all.

If you want more information about the Annapolis Book Fair, feel free to contract us, and we won't hesitate to tell you more. Our deepest thanks go to the organizers of event: Liz Glass, Ginny Nayden, and Stephanie Reisinger. Without their attention to detail, devotion, and enthusiasm, this would not have been possible. Our next event is Awesome Con, and it is sure to live up to its moniker, so come out! You don't want to miss the fun.

Superior Spider-man demands you to try to come!