Women's History Month

Louise Simonson - comic book writer and creator

Last month, we reflected on the contributions of African American artists (see our posts on Jackie Ormes and George Herriman on our blog). For March, in honor of Women's History Month, we continue in the same vein by highlighting the contributions of women in the comic book industry. 

Women have always been present in the comic book industry, but like other minorities, their accomplishments have not been highlighted.

 Louise Simonson andGail Simone are just a few of the women who shaped the comic book universe. Author G. Willow Wilson recently made history with the introduction of Ms. Marvel, a Muslim teenage girl who moonlights as a superhero in New Jersey.

We hope that you join us in this celebration of women throughout the month of March. As always, we are open for suggestions on whom we should highlight. Just let us know who you want acknowledged.  

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