With 2013 behind us, we take pride in our inaugural year. Our events and classes were nothing short of spectacular, and we have you to thank for that!

Now as we formally welcome 2014, we are pleased to expand our reach across the DMV area. Our STEAM Character Creation class, hosted in conjunction with The Patriots Technology Training Center and taught by Darren Soto (our January featured artist), is just the beginning of our fantastic programs and events.

As you know, Art Way Alliance has long promised to expand our list of classes to feature in-depth instruction on the more advanced aspects of comic book creation. This year, AWA is currently offering an assortment of classes, including:

Intro to Comic Book Creation/ Penciler, Inker, Colorist or Letterer Class 
Create Your Own Character/ Character Designer Class 
Create your Own Environment/ Background Artist Class 
Comic Writer, Scripter & Illustrator Class 
The Art of Storyboarding/ Sequential Art Class
AWA classes not only teach the fundamentals of comic book media and arts. They instill students with self-confidence in their abilities as artists and evaluators of the media they consume. Our instructors’ experiences in the industry provide insider information on possible opportunities to turn their talent into lasting careers. Our classes also have set curriculum that can be fined tuned to incorporate themes. Our STEAM classes in particular have been popular.

Our classes can accommodate up to ten kids per session and are “hands on.” Children learn by continually drawing throughout the classes while referring to teacher’s instructions, drawing tutorials, and of course, comic books. Materials are provided for the children.

We are always eager and willing to provide these classes to the DMV area. We work with schools to provide after school programs or partner with other non-profits to provide Saturday classes. If you or anyone you know is interested in coordinating a class or event with AWA, please let us know. We have also partnered with PTAs and can provide materials and presentations to interested parties.

Thank you! 

The Art Way Alliance Team