All Ages MUST READ Comic Books

Curious about comics? 

AWA was inspired by this Comixology's Post on all ages comics, and we got to thinking: Comixology presents you with a myriad of choices, but where do you start? To push you in the right direction, we presented seven comic books for an all-ages comic that parents and kids can enjoy together.

1.Bone- probably one of, if not the, best black and white comic, Jeff Smith's epic follows the Bone family (Fone, Phoney, and Smiley) as they get kicked out of Boneville and into a sprawling adventure that features rat creatures, cow-racing, dragons and the Hooded One. It's recently been recolored and redistributed for kids, but no matter the presentation, it's worth a read.

2.Princeless-  Jeremy Whitley overturns fairy tale conventions with his story of an African American Princess who decides to save herself  and her sisters from the dragon protecting her from the tower. Expect empowered and smart girls to kick buttocks.

3. Molly Danger, by Whitley's Action Lab coworker Jamal Igle, is the story of the eponymous 10-year old superhero who also kicks major buttocks. You can get a free copy of their dual Free Comic Book Day book here.

4.Atomic Robo- This one doesn't have dragons, but it does have a time-traveling (so he claims) scientific t-rex named Dr. Dinosaur. Created by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, the story follows a robot engineered by Nikola Tesla and named Robo. Robo's adventures include fighting during World War II and traveling to the moon for space missions. If there is any comic to start your collection, make it this one. You can begin your journey into "the world's greatest science adventure comic" here, with a slew of free comic books on their website.

5. Adventure Time- We all know the TV show, but the comic book is just as, if not better. Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline's paneling (the boxes that presents the story) is fresh and Ryan North's stories are independent of the television's. Get the collected volumes where each story is collected together, so that you can read an entire story line without having to wait. If you opt to collect each issue separately, know you'll have an assortment of cover art to choose for each one.

6. Marvel Adventures-  Marvel Adventures gets a shout-out for distilling legacy characters into their purest form and presenting them in an accessible way to every fan, no matter their age or knowledge of the characters.Special shout out goes to Marvel Adventures: Spider-man, because no one can resist the Webhead (link opens to digital comic book in new window).

7. Power Pack (link opens to digital comic in new window) - Consisting of four siblings, Power Pack is a group of pre-teen superheroes who save the day on a regular. Working with other established heroes like The Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-man, the kids learn how to balance their regular responsibilities with their powered obligations.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! These are just a few of the comic books out there, and we would love to hear your review of the above or about new ones that you've discovered.