Art Way Alliance along with three Affiliate Artists will be teaching the classes listed below in partnership with the Berwyn Heights Boy & Girls Club starting October 10., 2015.

Character Design

Character design is the art of creating a character for use in books, comics, video games, television, movies and other fictional mediums. Designers outline everything they envision about the character from appearance and strengths to personality and weaknesses. In this class, Darren Soto will show students how to research, design and define their own character. Student in turn will develop their own character that is dynamic and interesting. They will also learn the basics of drawing a person and constructing a character’s surrounding environment.

Goal: Students develop their own character.

Stop Motion

Used to create beloved movies like Boxtrolls and Nightmare Before Christmas, Stop Motion is a great way to introduce children to animation. Instructor Jake Heagy will show children how to create their own stop-motion cartoons by simply taking pictures with a camera and moving toys. Free video programs like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie can be used to easily show photos as an animation. These Stop Motion applications can be found for cell phones in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Goal: Students create a stop-motion animated short with their own toys.

Animation 101

Animation brings beloved characters to life by making them move. From short Bugs Bunny cartoons to full length features like The Lion King, animation has had a huge impact on pop culture. By creating a simple flip-book with paper, scissors, and a pencil, children of all ages can create their own moving cartoon. Artist Jimmy Horner will walk students through this process and assist them as learn the basics of animation.

Goal: Students will create their own flip book animation.

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