Reynaldo Quinn

Reynaldo Quinn is an Art Educator originating from Newark, New Jersey. After receiving his degree in Fine Arts from Seton Hall University, he relocated to the DC Metro area. He is the founder of QuinnEssential Arts.
Quinn is known for StaROFoam Art, an idea that came about from a daily routine of coffee drinking. One day he found himself drawing a portrait of Muhammad Ali on his recycled coffee cup at work. This eventually led to a daily routine of sketching different, influential people or “stars” from musicians to athletes to public icons and more on the recycled Styrofoam cups. He found a challenge in drawing on a round surface and trying to manipulate this unusual medium. Over time, his creative process evolved from sketching on the cups to inking, painting and transforming them into unique sculptures by utilizing other recycled Styrofoam materials from his daily breakfast meals.
He has participated in several themed group art shows throughout Washington DC and landed his first solo art show last April entitled, “One Man’s Trash.” His creative process of turning trash into treasure continues to evolve with the goal of thinking of new ways of turning a recycled Styrofoam cup into a unique piece of art.

Sierra DangerfieldComment