Ashley Gonzales


My name is Ashley Gonzales.  I currently attend The Art Institute of Washington as a senior with a focus in Character Design. I’ve been drawing ever since I was a little girl, and art was always something that I wanted to do. I tend to draw fantasy themed people, creatures, and animals, and I have realized that Character Design is where my heart truly lies. I mostly stick to Sci-fi and Fantasy themed characters, although I can do a variety of themes. When it comes to my artwork I like to keep liveliness to my characters by leaving in some of my sketch lines. Though I am able to draw both organic and mechanical forms, drawing things of an organic nature is what I love most. Because I am pushing forward towards my career, I am always learning new things, and I’m always excited to gain new inspiration from other aspiring artists. I also love to inspire others and help them find the motivation to work harder and continue to become the very best artist they can be.

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