AWA offers 5 main classes at varying levels to help your artist learn the fundamentals of creating comic books while developing his/her own style. 

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*Intro to Comic Book Creation/ the Art of Penciling, Inking, Coloring and Lettering Class

These job functions are part of a team effort to produce comic strips or books. Pencilers use a script to layout and illustrate each comic book panel. An inker adds dimension to an illustration by defining the moods and setting of the penciler’s drawing. Colorists take photocopies of layouts after they've been inked and prepare them for printing, coding the pages for color separation. Letterers write the dialogue of the characters, often as a balloon coming out of a character's mouth. 

In this class, students will become acquainted with these occupations as they develop their own artistic skills. They will also define their own style of drawing while working together in groups. 


*Create Your Own Character/ Character Designer Class

Character design is the art of creating a character for use in books, comics, video games, television, movies and other fictional mediums. Designers outline everything about the character they envision from appearance and strengths to personality and weaknesses. In this class, students will research, design and define their own character. 

Students will learn what makes a character dynamic in both appearance and personality. They will discover the basics of drawing a person and construct their character’s surrounding environment and personal history. In our STEAM Character Design class, students will use elements of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in their design. 


*Create your Own Environment/ Background Artist Class

This class concentrates on designing the environments that a character inhabits. It discusses the many aspects of perspective, composition, line work, and creativity needed to define backgrounds. Instructors cover both city and landscapes.  Students will also learn how to convey mood and the importance of lighting in their environments. 


*Comic Writer, Scripter & Illustrator Class

Comic book writers, or scripters, write scripts that details the action of each panel. Some write their scripts as if it were a screenplay, giving full descriptions of scenes, dialogue, and sound effects. Scripts have to be clear and fully developed so the illustrator, who can be the writer or another person, can accurately draw the scene. 

Students in this class will learn how to write and develop an engaging narrative that they will then illustrate. 


*The Art of Storyboarding/ Sequential Art Class

A storyboarder is a professional visual artist who works within the visual media industries, including entertainment and advertising. They are responsible for physically drawing the scenes of a film or television production in an effort to provide a tangible example of a director's plan prior to a film being created. In addition to illustrating a director's vision, these drawings also afford the director the ability to eliminate certain ideas prior to going into production, saving valuable money and time.

Students will learn the basics of story boarding including, but not limited to, gesture drawing, depicting scripts, and assessing the major events of a story.